Rainy day at the Orphanage
Rainy season mon amour_Bali.

Eva and me went to have Banana Pancakes at the orphanage this morning, and it started to rain while there, the place is so lovely that we decided to stay and order one more coffee, while we watched the rain outside. February in Bali, what can go wrong.

There is something with the rainy season… that you gotta love it.



The orphanage.

This children house has a special thing, and it’s its warung. La Rosin has the cutest little terrace in the area, and the amazing food is prepared and served by the older kids.

That way, those kids learn and develop skills,  that can be useful in the future. They understand that they can make money with their free time, and they raise money for their studies.

I’m also so excited about all the plans we have with sister Serafin, the director and founder of the children’s house. We are going to make a video about the children, the house and the warung and try to make a crowfunding with it. The founds will go to the future studies of the children. And I’m so glad I can help them with that.

Next day I’ll come we’ll interview the children and ask them what they want to be when they grow up.

I think that’s one of the important things of raising a happy kid. Ask them what they want to become. And let them know that whatever it is, they will be, and that whatever it is, it’s ok, and it’s perfect.

I know it’s trickier with kids with no family, with n safety net to hold them if they fail. But I also want to believe that no matter where you come from, if you believe in yourself, you can get as far as you want to.


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