Torete Tattoo

My brother got a tattoo last friday and here are some photos and a short video  I edit from the session.

When our grandfather passed away we throw his ashes to the sea, in front of his beach house.

While we were doing that  we so a big fish coming up to the surface.

It’s not very common to see fishes in that beach, and specially not that big on that beach, so for us was very special that it happened on a perfect timing, and since then my brother was thinking about getting that moment in his skin.

He turned 30 last February, so I decided to give him the fish as a birthday present.

My friend Hector, it’s an amazing illustrator and tattoo artist, and he lives in the same town my grandfather was living , so it was the perfect person for doing it.

We were listening to Luquillo, a Spanish rock singer all afternoon, thats why I chose his song ” El ritmo del garage” for the video soundtrack.



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