Hati-Hati_ surf board bags I,II & III

Hati-hati, surf board bags handmade in Bali.



Surf board bags

Last winter I spent a few weeks in Bali with my friends, and we found time to film and edit a few short videos for Hati-Hati surfboard bags, a brand based both in Bali and Hoosegow, France, that make surf board bags with batik, a fabric with Indonesian motives.

This is the first collection of the brand, owned by the Spanish surf teacher Paz Mateo, who is already preparing the 2017 collection.

Filmed around the bukit, the little peninsula in the south of the island, those are the first three short videos out of six. When the six of them have been release we will release the whole movie on youtube. Stay tuned.

🎤  The music on the video is the song “Miles away” by  the band Years Around the Sun,  formed in 2004 by Ronnie Dudek and Dylan Raasch who are based out of San Diego, California and Portland, Oregon respectively.


When my friends say jump I say how high . 🌊🌴


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