Last Friday I filmed @surfcurse (garage-Lo-Fi, Nevada) live @coolin_a_la_plage X @musiquedaperitif  and here is the little edit I did with the footage.

Supported by : Dark Seas Division


☻ Surf Curse ☻
(Gagare-Lo-fi / Nevada, Usa )
Surf Curse is Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck. They started the project back in 2012 in their basement in Reno, NV. Since then, the band has earned a cult following through the Los Angeles DIY scene and online forums. Their music expresses themes of young and romantic love through a cinematic lens of 80s and arthouse movies. Surf Curse could be the band that is playing your prom, if the prom queen was covered in pigs blood and killing every one inside. Nothing Yet marks the bands first release in over 3 years and a return to form as an older and more mature group.

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