New Zealand

see Around 180 million years ago New Zealand broke away from a giant landmass called #Gondwana and drifted nearly 3000 km south to where it sits today. Polynesians sailed here in the early 1300s, following their ancestor #Kupe , who had named the country #Aoteaora – “Land of the Long White Cloud”.

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binäre optionen news trading Here are some memories I edited together from when I was so lucky to be there.

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enter Here are some memories from an adventure I went on a couple of years ago. With @brooklynreardonn and @tristan.mccaffrey 🏄 @upsideriteway It had a bunch of favorite things, #travelling #forest #ocean #sailing #sunrise #sunsets #surf #toetoe #roadtrip Músic: @rosalia.vt #aotearoa #newzealand #coromandel #raglan #manubai #mountmanganui #surfvideo #waves #fromwhereyoudratherbe #pacific #bros #thecoromandel #wild #island #nzmustdo #newzealandfinds #in2nature #staywild #travelstoke #surftrip

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