Filmmaker and Photographer

Filmmaker and Photographer

0034 606  809 705 (Spain)
0033 647 104 983 (France)
I’m a Filmmaker and Photographer from Barcelona, based in South West France from May to October, and around the world the rest of the year.
 I like to be surrounded by nature but I also love to work on projects in the city from time to time.
I’ve shot so many different kinds of projects, music, documentary, dance, surf, life style.
I focus in  capturing details, special moments and the different rhythms in life.
I love to give back, so I  often get involved in non profit projects.
Having a University Degree on Childhood Education, it’s easier for me to work with organizations or individuals with projects related to childhood, but I would also love to work  for human rights endangered species and nature ( specially ocean) conservation.
I also like to support young artists and makers on their beginnings.
Get in touch and I’ll help you tell your story.

MACBA (Contamporary Art Museum) – Barcelona Audiovisual creation (videoshoot/editing) for the exhibition Miserachs Barcelona.

Fundación Ramón Llull – Venice Biennale of Architecture Videoshoot and editing for the Catalan pavilion with Crafting Architecture Agency and internationally acclaimed actor Sergi Lopez.

Music Artistic direction, artwork conception, graphic design, music video and live photo/video shoot + editing, EPK, press and promo photo. Clients : EMI Spain, Satliet K, La Fábrica de Colores, Calima, Nubla, Macaco, El Chatarra, Richmand, Konga Music, Rocky Rumba, El Ventilador.

Contemporary Dance Companies Photo/video shoot + editing of classes, rehearsals and shows. Clients: La Caldera, David Zambrano, Thomas Hauert, Karin Elmore.

Fashion Photo/video shoot + editing of campaigns, editorials and BTS. Clients: Piaget, Elle Japan, Dystopia, Hati Hati, Marram, Margoulette, Normal magazine, Iris Brosch.

Lifestyle Photo/video documentaries, portraits, special events reports, social media content and strategy. Clients: Mobile World Congress, Casa Viva, K+K Hotel Picasso, Coolin, Eloy Guerra Navarro, Element Called Water, Bradley Mossleman, Quicksilver, Marshal Welltin, Louvine street food festival.

Families Photo/video sessions of motherhood, new borns, seniors, families holidays, engagment…


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